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KBST has finished our new series on businesses which are, or will be, opening in town.


On Thursday, October 31st we covered the opening of a new Wing restaurant in town, Wild West Wingz, off FM 700 and Birdwell. Owner Judy Rodriguez is excited to bring this new business to a town she’s lived in for over a decade. She is currently the Director of Food Services for Big Spring ISD, and says that owning restaurants is just something that runs in her family.

Friday, November 1st, the focus was on a Memphis developer coming into Big Spring, White Oak Development. White Oak has announced that they have purchased the land where the Furrs currently is, and are planning to construct a shopping center next year. Construction is expected to begin next February, or March, on the 20,000 square foot Big Spring Crossing shopping center, White Oak already has national stores such as Rue 21, Western Beverages, and AT&T planning to move in when the center is completed, along with spaces open for local businesses. Early estimates from White Oak say the center could be open by next September. More information can be found at their website,, Furrs has said that they are not planning to leave Big Spring any time soon, and they are not aware of any deals involving the land they currently occupy.

11-11-13 : Correction - White Oak has not "purchased" the land where Furrs sits. White Oak announced that they are under contract with the land owner of which Furrs currently leases and occupies.

On Monday, November 4th, we talked about another project by White Oak Development, a new housing project they are planning to bring to Big Spring. Oak Manor, as it is named, is planned to be a series of Quadplexes, large houses divided into four separate rental properties apiece. The neighborhood is planned to be constructed in Kentwood. White Oak says that Construction is expected to begin early next year, and the first few properties could be rented out by as early as next fall.

On Tuesday, November 5th, we interviewed Genia Phillips, the owner and operator of Dazzling Decor, an Interior Design boutique planning to open this month off of Scurry Street.

On Wednesday, November 6th, we talked about a new pet shop on Scurry street, Noah’s Pet Store. The owner, Daniel Mondier, will be ready to open the store soon soon. Although he’s only owned the store for a few months now, Daniel is a long-time native of Big Spring, having been here for 15 years.

On Thursday, November 7th, we had an interview with local businesswoman Connie Strickland, who will be bringing a Dickey's Barbecue to Big Spring in early December. Workers are renovating the old Papa Georgio's Pizza, across 87 from Wal-Mart, in preparation for the December 11th planned opening. Connie has owned several businesses in town, but confesses this will be the first venture she's taken as a restaurant owner.

And, on Friday November 8th, we spoke with Mike Schaefer, the owner and operator of recently-opened food service trailer "The Big Yellow Trailer." The Big Yellow Trailer is located just off Gregg Street, Mike is pleased to finally be open and was surprised at the outpouring of customers from the community.


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